The Pressures of Society on Women

As women, we face extreme expectations from society about what we “should be” doing with our lives.

Generational Curses

I’ve always heard my aunt mention generational curses but I’ve never quite understood what that meant. The Gospel Coalition defines a generational curse as the cumulative effect on a person of things that their ancestors did, believed, or practiced in the past, and a consequence of an ancestor’s actions, beliefs, and sins being passed down.”Continue reading “Generational Curses”

5 Best Uses for CBD

First off, please understand that CBD is NOT the same as marijuana! Prior to me educating myself on what CBD actually was, I, just like many people, had a complete misconception on the whole subject. According to Harvard Health Publishing, CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabisContinue reading “5 Best Uses for CBD”

Keep pushing, sis!

I saw a quote on Instagram a few days ago about how you should never stop promoting yourself, even if people feel some type of way about it. Let’s be honest, we’re surrounded by a culture of people who feel as if it’s “lame” to self-promote. Well let them unfollow you, mark you as spamContinue reading “Keep pushing, sis!”


“I smile. Even though I hurt, see I smile. I know God is working so I smile. Even though I been here for a while, I smile, smile. It’s so hard to look up when you been down. Sure would hate to see you give up now. You look so much better when you smile,Continue reading “BLACK. LIVES. MATTER.”

Can someone in a relationship have friends of the opposite sex?

I don’t know about you ladies, but being in quarantine has taken it’s toll on my hair and nails, BIG TIME! I simply couldn’t take it anymore, so I decided to get on YouTube and figure out how to do my own twists. I had enough of looking like Ciely from “The Color Purple!” SoContinue reading “Can someone in a relationship have friends of the opposite sex?”