Let It Go

img_1715“Your time keeps flying away into vanity while you dine with your distractions. Your life keeps diminishing while you waste your time feeding your distractions.” – Sunday Adelaja

When I was much younger, I would always tell myself that I never wanted to be like one of those adults who said that they wish they had done something in their life and didn’t. You know, those people who talk about how they could’ve gone to the the NBA if they had spent more time focusing on the big picture instead of worrying about goofing off with friends, or those people who regret that they didn’t move to that big city to pursue their dream career instead of staying around for that partner who wasn’t good for them anyway? Well, too bad I was feeling the woes of that regret by the age of 21. I remember there was an opportunity to join the Disney internship program while I was in college, and it required one to go through a couple of interviews to get accepted. Well, after I applied, I wasn’t completely sure I would get accepted. I mean, there were probably millions of college students all over the world who were applying for the same position as I was. Well, it just so happens that I got a call back from the program and they wanted me to go through the interview process. Not long after that, I was accepted into the program! How was the experience, you ask? It turns out that I declined the offer in order to salvage what was left of my already dead relationship. Disney was prepared to ship me to Anaheim, Ca for a semester. Yes, California, the place where I’ve been wanting to live my entire life, but I turned them down. I mean, the experience would’ve definitely been something that only came around once in a lifetime, and I turned them down for a relationship that ended a few months later. My mom must have called me every dummy in the book, but what could I say? I was in “love.” Talk about time and opportunities that you can’t get back. Hey Disney, if you’re listening, I’m freeeee!! 👋🏽

Although I had to accept that maybe Disney wasn’t in the cards for me, it made me think about how I focused my energy and how the most important things or people in your life at that moment may only be a distraction. You just have to take yourself out of the clouds that are blurring your vision and realize it. For example, in high school, everything going on seems like the most important thing that will ever happen to you. “Brittany from 5th period doesn’t like me and she’s the most popular girl in school! My life is over.” Umm, no it’s actually not. (Sadly, almost everyone that was “on” in high school usually only goes downhill from there. I saw this guy that I had a crush on back then and I wanted to ask him if he needed a dollar.) In reality, your life hasn’t even begun, but every decision that you make in high school can have a huge impact on your future. If you choose to play around with friends instead of doing that school work or going to practice, then chances are you won’t get that scholarship and go to that really nice school that you’ve wanted to attend. I mean, Beyonce’ knew what she wanted to be when she got older and she put in that work as a teenager. We all see where she is today. Inspiration!!!! 👏🏽🙌🏽

Unfortunately, one of the most definite things that we can never get back is time. No matter what you do, time will go on whether you decide to get up and get moving or whether you decide to stand still and do nothing. We have to learn to let go of the things and people in our lives that are distracting us from our purpose. Are you sitting in front of the television, bing-watching some show when you could be putting more time into your dreams? Put down that remote!!!! I’m guilty of bing-watching for sure, but you have to learn how to balance your life. If I’m watching endless episodes of Scandal, then I better make sure that I’ve already completed a blog post for the following day. If you have a relationship that’s only bringing you down, then let it goooooo! Chances are that it’ll let itself go eventually anyway and you don’t want to miss out on life because of it. Disney, I’m serious, I’m still available 🤗. Most importantly, stop holding yourself back. I am my own worst enemy and toughest critic. Even when you all are singing my praises on a recent post that I’ve written, in my head I’m saying, “It could’ve been better or I should’ve said this instead of that.” I recently posted my first youtube video after psyching myself out for two years and preventing myself from doing it. I wanted it to be perfect, but nothing will ever be. (Unless your Beyonce’ ✨💁🏽) Seriously though, if we keep making up excuses in our head and letting our fears get the best of us then we’re only preventing ourselves from being the awesome person that we’re meant to be. It’s time to realize your distractions and let them go!

Published by Asia Bradley

Poetry, music, theater, and movies have always intrigued me, and all things artistic live at the core of who I am. I've always kept a composition notebook at my side at all times whether that be for journaling, writing music or writing my ideas. At some point, I realized that what I was searching for to express myself had been there all along in my writing. I hope to inspire and invoke thought into each and every one of my readers. Blessings!

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️ Keep striving for Greatness because that’s what you are!!!!

  2. I immediately go into a state of reflection when I read your thoughts! Thank you for that! Love you!

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