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Y’ALL. This show right here is just Black Love at it’s finest. Yes, I said Black Love and not just Love. It’s about BLACK LOVE and that’s something I’d like to see more of on-screen. Growing up on movies like Love and Basketball, The Wood, Love Jones and more, it’s obvious we don’t see many movies like this anymore. Movies in itself are becoming a rarity, while television shows are making their way in, and I love it! If you felt like I have for the past few years, which is that we need more black love stories on-screen, then you will absolutely LOVE this show. Just as it’s important to show examples of women in power and people of color in high positions on television, it’s important to show real black love stories, and real isn’t cinderella. It’s Mara and Salim.



Have you heard of The Jamie Foxx Show, The Game, Being Mary Jane or Girlfriends? If so, and you pay attention like I do, then you’ve seen the names Mara Brock Akil and/or Salim Akil in the credits at some point. Mara and Salim are a husband and wife powerhouse who have written and directed some of our favorite shows, and Love Is___ just so happens to be creeping its way up on that list! This show gives us a front row seat to the story of Mara and Salim’s relationship. They’ve been married for 19 years so far, so I’m sure you can just imagine the ups and downs that they’ve experienced. Things that they have gone through in the first month of knowing each other are straight up CRAZY! Their love story is truly unlike any other, and you’ll start to wonder how the hell did they make it this far! It’s so inspirational in love, career, and overcoming the obstacles of life. I definitely don’t want to give anything away, but I will give you this tidbit of information. SPOILER ALERT!!! When Mara first began dating Salim, he was dead broke, living with an ex, and didn’t have a job. Mara was working on the set of the Jamie Foxx show and  just beginning to thrive in her career. She had just purchased her first home, drove a nice jeep, and was making a good living for herself. How many women would even give Salim a second look? I know I sure wouldn’t have! After watching the show, you’ll quickly notice that what I just mentioned is not the only baggage that comes with him, but their love and connection is so undeniable. So much so that Mara risks it all for that man! After watching this show, it makes you think about how easily people tend to give up in their relationships and in their career. Someone once said, “Perseverance is falling 19 times and succeeding the 20th.” If you’ve googled Mara and Salim, you’ll see how far faith and perseverance brought them in love and life. Season one of Love Is____ has just ended so, if you haven’t yet seen it, catch all 10 episodes streaming on OWN. If you have Sling like I do, you can catch it on one of your “sites.” All of the throwback 90’s R&B hits that make up the soundtrack to this story is just an added bonus. If you’ve seen the show, what do you think? Would you continue dating Yasir (Salim’s name on the show) after you realize everything that comes with him? I want to hear from you all!

P.S. If you have endless questions on WTF happened with Girlfriends and where’s our movie, catch Mara Akil and the cast of Love Is_____ interview on the Breakfast Club here.

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