“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”—Confucius

Ohhh September. What a month this has been! Life definitely comes at you fast and unexpectedly. It’s been a little over a month since I wrote my last blog post. If you’re not living under a rock, then you know that’s around the same time the great Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. It’s really funny how much of a joke I thought this hurricane would be, but boy was I in for a surprise. The night before the hurricane was scheduled to hit was the same night as the infamous Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight, and my fiance’ and I we were hosting our bootleg fight party. (Did you catch that fiance’ part? Yes, I just got engaged!!) I call the party bootleg because we were attempting to stream the fight for free.99 on our fire stick. Needless to say, that didn’t work out too well lol. After countless failed attempts to stream the fight, we then tried to pay for it, which also didn’t work because it seemed like the entire world was trying to do the same thing. We eventually ended up watching the fight on my best friend’s, boyfriend’s MacBook. Can you imagine about 8 people trying to watch a fight on that tiny screen? LOL BOOTLEG! Well based on the fact that we were still hosting a party the night before the hurricane, you can obviously see that we were not prepared for what was coming next. If I’m not mistaken, the reservoirs were released that night and by the next morning, we were completely trapped in the apartment. You see, if you were to step out on my balcony, you’re able to see the reservoir directly behind us. That’s how close we were to it. Luckily, we were on the third floor, but it was only a matter of time before our water would be shut off, and that’s when we realized that we had to go. If you were to ever ask me if I ever see myself being rescued on a boat, I would’ve probably laughed at you and said that type of thing only happens in movies. However, that’s exactly how we were able to get out of our apartment. Our apartment, which we just moved into a month prior to the hurricane, was now gone. Of course we didn’t get any immediate damage to our belongings, but the complex itself would need so much construction that it was impossible for us to stay. So here we were, in the middle of the road where the boat had dropped us off. I was holding as much as I could carry of our clothes , while my fiance’ held our dog and a few bags. Just like that, we were back on the hunt for a new place to stay. Luckily, we had family that took us in while we were searching, and I thank God that we didn’t have it as bad as others. Although I was frustrated at the situation, I had to keep believing that things could’ve been much worse. I have to admit, during this time my faith was really being tested. You see, about two weeks prior to the hurricane hitting, I was involved in yet another car accident. A 16-year-old, who just got her license, ran a stop sign and ran directly into my car, which is now completely totaled. I had been trying to stay positive about that situation, but then the hurricanes happened. The hurricanes also ruined our Jamaica trip that we had been planning for an entire year. Unfortunately, I haven’t been in the blogging mood. It was hard for me to see the light in this situation when so much had been going wrong. I got to a point where I absolutely didn’t know what to do and where to go for the answers, but as my grandmother always said, there’s only one place to go whether you have the answers or not. GOD. Although my situation hasn’t completely healed, we now have a new place of our own to stay. I know that there are people in Houston who are still suffering without food, clothes and who are forced to sleep in shelters. I’ve been blessed to not be in any of those situations. I also know that there’s only one direction to go when you’re feeling really down and that’s up. When things are really tough, that means that God has something better coming for you. This is why I had to pick myself up out of this slump and start writing again. I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and see what I do have. I DO have a place to stay, I DO have all of my belongings in one piece and I DO have GOD, which is ultimately all you need. The silver lining out of all of this is that I’m going to be marrying the best man I could ever have met and I know that regardless, we’ll have each other. I truly believe that something better than I can ever imagine is on the other side of this hardship and this battle is only temporary. As long as the Lord is fighting for me, I only need to be still and let him work.

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Poetry, music, theater, and movies have always intrigued me, and all things artistic live at the core of who I am. I've always kept a composition notebook at my side at all times whether that be for journaling, writing music or writing my ideas. At some point, I realized that what I was searching for to express myself had been there all along in my writing. I hope to inspire and invoke thought into each and every one of my readers. Blessings!

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