Small Doses

So, I’ve been listening to Amanda Seales’ podcast pretty often lately and she is HILARIOUS! You may know her from replacing the other girl in Floetry, not Marsha Ambrosius, maybe you know her from Insecure as Issa’s bougie friend who’s not really a friend or you may know her as the girl who called Kaitlyn Jenner out on her views about Trump and America. If you don’t, you should go to her Instagram page and watch a few of her videos, and I promise you’ll love her just from that! Check out her Breakfast Club interviews as well, smart and always funny.

 Well, back to my original thought. So, I was listening to her podcast and the subject was insecurities. At some point, she started talking about how she was really insecure about her feet when she was younger and how some boy at school called her out on it. All I could do at that moment was laugh. Here’s the backstory: I’ve always been teased about my feet. My dad has really long toes and just a big foot in general and, you guessed it, that’s the great thing I inherited from him. I have a huge big toe and my second toe extends just a little past the first. Growing up, all my aunts teased me about my feet and it was a joke we all laughed at. I knew that I had feet just like my dad, but this didn’t necessarily make me want to wear open toe shoes either so I’d avoid them at all costs. Even if I got a pedicure, the socks and shoes were going right back on after the polish was dry. However, I remember this one day in high school I was feeling myself. My mom had just bought a new outfit for me over the weekend and you already know I had to wear it to school on Monday. There was just one problem. There was no way that I could wear that outfit with closed toe shoes. It was either sandals or I couldn’t wear the outfit at all, but of course, I was way too self-conscious about my feet to wear sandals at school. I thought about it all day and when Monday morning came, I had to make a decision. I looked at that outfit and thought to myself, “No one is even going to notice my feet. I’m wearing the outfit.” So I did. Ohh, I was getting compliments all day and was definitely feeling myself until 6th period came. It was the end of class and the bell was about to ring, so all of the students were packing up and lining up at the door. I was talking to one of my friends when this boy yelled out, “Damn you got some big feet! They look like my toes with polish on them!” Everyone started laughing and I was so embarrassed. He didn’t just say Damn. He said DAAAAAMN! In order to hide my embarrassment, I said some smart comment back to him but I can honestly say that, after that my moment, I never wore open toe shoes at school again. I still remember that guy’s name, Daniel. Now that I think back on it, it’s hilarious but it definitely wasn’t at the time. Am I still self-conscious about my feet? Yeah, a little bit but I’ll never let someone stop me from wearing open toe shoes again. I say all this to say be yourself and do you. If you want to do something or wear something but someone else is going to have a problem with it, so what? Don’t let other people’s opinions of you shape the opinions of yourself. People are always going to talk and that’s something you can’t control. What you can control is how you decide to live your life.

Make sure you check out Amanda’s podcast, Small Doses, every Wednesday morning. You’ll laugh, but more importantly, you’ll get those small doses of knowledge!

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Poetry, music, theater, and movies have always intrigued me, and all things artistic live at the core of who I am. I've always kept a composition notebook at my side at all times whether that be for journaling, writing music or writing my ideas. At some point, I realized that what I was searching for to express myself had been there all along in my writing. I hope to inspire and invoke thought into each and every one of my readers. Blessings!

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