V L O G G I N’

Watch as I discuss my opinion on the character Yasir from one of my favorite shows at the moment, “LOVE IS,” and also what I think about dating a man who is not yet established in life. View here!


Watch me explore the city of NOLA, see how a group of old ladies convinced my fiance’ to ride the bull in a bar, and how we even met local rapper, Curren$y, all in one day. View here!

vlog 3

Watch me take on a twerk class (lawwwwd) and attend two events – the Black Girls Who Collaborate photoshoot and Currently Creating at Prauper House! View here!

Vlog 2

After much anticipation (in my head), I’d like to welcome you all to my first Youtube video! As always, I try to give a little inspiration so watch as I discuss facing your fears, taking a risk and not letting people change you. Please like, share and comment! View here!