Would you date a man who has dated both men and women?

After hearing from a few people and laughing at some of the wild memes on Facebook, I gave in and began watching the Netflix show, “Love is Blind.” Honestly, I wasn’t sure if this was something that I would be able to get in to. Let’s be honest, “reality shows” aren’t very real at all these days and it’s way too many of them on television, so I’m always searching for a show that at least is honest about the fact that they have a script. It’s funny but majority of the “confrontational scenarios” on reality television are set up by the producers of the show.

Most of these actors will tell you straight up that they’re neither friends nor enemies with the rest of the characters on the show. And yes, I called them actors! The Real Housewives of Atlanta, New York, and wherever else they are these days are actors, and yep, I’m still going to watch! The Bachelor and Bachelorette? They’re actors too! So, I wasn’t sure about watching yet another fictional reality show about finding love, however, I was curious about this one. On Love is Blind, single men and women are put into a speed dating situation where they have 10 days to get to know one another in these pods, but the catch is that they can’t see each other. Everyone understands that once you make a connection and decide that you want to be with someone, you will immediately be engaged, move in together and get married within the next couple of weeks. Crazy, right? 


Needless to say, I was hooked after watching the first episode mostly because I fell in love with this couple on the show, Cameron and Lauren, and I wanted to see how their story turned out. Which I’m happy to see that they are GOOD, GOOD these days! However, there was one particular scenario on the show that I found very thought-provoking. There was this guy named Carlton, who decided to propose to this woman named Diamond. They seemed to have a great connection in the pods, however, Carlton wasn’t lying to Diamond but he definitely was not telling her everything that a woman may want to know before deciding to marry a man. Carlton mentioned in his confessional that he used to date men in the past, and he was very afraid to tell this information to Diamond. Once he actually did confess this secret to her, things went all the way left! He famously yelled to her after she recited Beyonce lyrics to him, “Watch your wig, cause it keeps sliding. It’s been sliding since day one!” YALL! I was DEAD, mostly because he wasn’t lying at all, but I immediately thought about how I would react if I was Diamond. I’m not talking about reacting to the wig comment, but how would I react if a man that I was dating, let alone about to marry, told me that he dates both men and women or that he used to date men in the past?



In the world that we live in today, it’s not uncommon for people to have dated both genders. I do think it’s more accepting for obvious reasons for men to date a bisexual woman than it is for a woman to date a bisexual man. The obvious reasons for me are things that can go down between two men that can’t happen with two women. If I were Diamond in this situation, I would politely decline the marriage proposal from Carlton. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to get past my man having had any type of sexual interaction with another man. I probably would give all his friends the side eye too! Like, he says he’s going to his man’s house to play the game, BUUUUUT are they really playing the game is the question? Is he his friend-man or his MAN-MAN?! Hey, maybe he might be checking out a man’s shoes and I’m thinking he’s checking out the whole man in general. It’s just too much for me! I respect the fact that people have a right to love who they love, but that doesn’t meant I have to love you while you do it. Carlton should’ve understood that Diamond does not have to deal with his baggage. I’m a firm believer that you have the right to be who you are, but that doesn’t mean someone else has to deal with it. I appreciated the fact that he didn’t marry her before telling her, but he should have told her from the very beginning to avoid all the drama, and maybe there was another woman in the pods who didn’t mind being with a bisexual man. Just couldn’t be me, LORD! Have any of you ladies dated a bisexual man? If so, what was your experience? If you haven’t dated a bisexual man, is this something that you are open to trying out? I want to hear your stories!

P.S. How many of you had the opportunity to watch “Love is Blind?” Don’t you just love Cameron and Lauren?! Did Jessica’s voice annoy you as much as it annoyed TF outta me? On a scale from 1-10, how blind was Mark? Let me know your thoughts on the show!

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3 thoughts on “Would you date a man who has dated both men and women?

  1. One, yes I loved Cameron & Lauren from day one, the love between them felt real.
    Two, Jessica voices annoyed TF out of me as well, her In general if I’m being honest.
    Three, Mark was BEYOND blind!

    Last but not least, I absolutely agree with you. No I could not date/marry him but I’m sure their is someone who will. We all have the right to love whomever as well as not dealing with things we do not want to deal with.

    Great read! ♥️

  2. I love my “reality” shows too even though they’re all fake. I cracked up when you said “ yep, I’m still going to watch” lol. I haven’t watched Live is Blind but heard briefly about Carlton. I’m definitely gonna try the first episode after reading your blog cause now you have me intrigued!

    But if I dated a man that was bi-sexual and he told me about it before, there’s absolutely no way that I could date him or get to know him. I personally wouldn’t want to date someone that’s up for grabs by both genders. However, I couldn’t imagine being in a position with someone I loved/was in a relationship & have them Spring this on me! It adds another layer of that person just being a liar by omission. If you’re gonna marry someone that person should be forthright about everything from the beginning. I think people would be surprised by what other people will accept if they’re just honest.

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